Thank you in advance for any and all donations.

The money received will be used to offset Brandon’s and Shirley’s legal expenses, estimated at well over $200,000.

This defense fund is not a charitable organization and is not a nonprofit organization. Your donations are not tax deductible. There is, generally, an amount you can give – the standard exemption – before you have to pay gift taxes. At present, the standard exemption is $13,000 for a gift to one person. If you qualify for the standard exemption you can give multiple gifts up to $13,000 to different persons without paying gift taxes. Please keep in mind that this is a complicated area of tax law and you should consult your tax adviser or accountant for complete information about any tax liability you may incur.

Please be sure to let your friends know about the importance of this cause! For those of you who want to donate to both Brandon and Shirley: whatever amount you decide you want to donate, donate half that amount to Brandon by clicking on the “donate to Brandon” button and then donate the remaining half to Shirley by clicking on the “donate to Shirley” button.


Shirley Schwab

Brandon Taliaferro


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